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Healing Therapy
Neer has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:
Tarot Reading
Tarot Reading.

Love, Career and General guidance.Tarot readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions.



Candle Healing.

Spell casting is the act of using magic to alter the reality or bring a determined outcome forth in a given situation. Spell casting is a way to direct energies towards a determined purpose.

Astrological remedies

Astrological Remedies work to balance out the energy system in your life. We are humans, we make mistakes. We suffer due to our temptations and troubles in this life and even for our past life karma

Reiki Healings

Enlightening you to your Seven Chakras. The Seven Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows.




Sigil Magick

Sigil magick is the art of using symbols and imagery to manifest a specific intent or outcome.Sigils are used as a method of making your affirmation come into bring.

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